C-FARM Update

Updated map with coarse geographical approximations of the soil sampling sites through the United States for the C-FARM project.

The seven institutions (The Ohio State University, Michigan State University, USDA Agricultural Research Service, Kansas State University, U.S. Geological Survey, and Utah State University) that are part of the Carbon Farming Alliance for Research and Management (C-FARM) have been meeting biweekly during the months of August and September.

The members reported that they have moved into their second year of soil sampling for the project, and progress proceeds apace for processing and analyzing samples. Many PIs have eagerly begun expanding their sampling sites to gain a more precise understanding of how carbon is stored in soil under different agricultural practices.

As well, after much careful deliberation, the group has developed a procedure for sharing sensitive information associated with the locations of their sampling sites with their fellow PIs in a way that respects the rights of landholders to privacy.

Data regarding the location of sampling sites will be kept separate from all other information, and only very broad, coarse locations of sampling sites will be shared with the public. An example of this process can be seen above, in the map with generalized locations of sites throughout the project. A data analyst will develop a system to handle the data and make sure it is carefully guarded.

More information about the C-FARM project can be found here: carbon.osu.edu/c-farm