Dr. Lorenz at the 2023 SP Innovation Summit

Columbus, OH, USA — July 2023

Dr. Klaus Lorenz joined more than 350 representatives from key industries across Ohio who gathered from July 26-27 for the 2023 SP Innovation Summit held by the Supplier’s Partnership for the Environment at The Ohio State University. As a featured speaker in the opening plenary session, Dr. Lorenz presented "Research, Innovations and Breakthroughs in Carbon Sequestration and Management Practices." ​

His perspective underscored two key insights for maximum impact. First, adopting innovative approaches to manage soil and land use can significantly boost the amount of organic carbon stored in soil. Second, this increase has a dual benefit—it reduces the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and enhances soil health. Dr. Lorenz's insights aligned with the convention's overarching emphasis on innovation and sustainability. The Lal Carbon Center hopes industry representatives will leverage this knowledge to enhance sustainable practices across their sectors. For more information about his presentation, please access it at the 2023 SP Innovation Summit page