Quarterly Keynote Presentations

  1. Lal, R. 2023. SDG2 & Soil. Advancing Success Towards SDG2 (Zero Hunger) Through Science and Technology, National Academy of Sciences Building, Washington, D.C., 14 July, 2023. go.osu.edu/nasem Video 5 at 41:00​

  2. Lal, R. 2023. Carbon Sequestration – Enabling Brazilian Agriculture to Foster Global Sustainability. SOEA Conference: Official Week of Engineering and Agriculture with CONFEA/CREA, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 10th August, 2023.​

  3. Lal, R. 2023. Soil, Spirituality, Science, and Religion. Professor World Peace Academy Event, 23rd August, 2023.​

  4. Lal, R. 2023. Towards National Soil Nutrient Roadmaps in Tanzania. Africa Food Systems Forum, Tanzania, 6th September, 2023.​

  5. Lorenz, K. 2023. Research, Innovations, and Breakthroughs in Carbon Sequestration and Management Practices. SP Innovation Summit, Ohio State University, 26-27 July, 2023.​