Welcome Gunadhish Khanal!

Gunadhish Khanal has a keen interest in soil carbon and nitrogen turnover in the soil: the two most important soil processes that affect soil health, soil quality, plant health, plant productivity, and the climate.​

As a Postdoctoral Researcher with the Lal Carbon Center, he will be conducting on-farm research on soil carbon dynamics and soil health in diverse management farms in Stark County, Ohio with Postdoctoral Researcher Lauren Baldarelli. His basic responsibilities during his research are to communicate with farmers to find out management practices (crop rotation, fertilization, tillage, etc.). Together, they will collect soil samples in a timely fashion and submit plant biomass for laboratory analysis and other lab studies. Dr. Baldarelli and Khanal will disseminate the findings based on the results, most importantly to the farmers.​

For the past 14 years, Dr. Khanal and his wife, Dr. Sandhya Karki (his better half), have been constantly moving. They have lived in and visited many countries, and they have been fortunate to understand people, culture, and their heritage. While the USA is their new country, and Ohio their new home, Arkansas was their first state for the last four years. They will be enjoying nature in and around Ohio in their free time (when they have some). ​