Carbon Capture: C-MASC Fall 2021 Newsletter

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1. Front Page: United Nations Food Systems Summit

  1. United Nations Food Systems Summit 2021

    September 24, 2021 – The first-ever UN Food Systems Summit saw nearly 300 commitments from hundreds of thousands of people from around the world and across all constituencies to accelerate action and to transform food systems.

  2. September 22, 2021 - Dr. Lal was honored to participate in the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture's (IICA) UNFSS side event entitled: Living Soils of the Americas: a integrated approach to improve soil health and agrifood systems. 

  3. Action Track 3: Coalition of Action 4 Soil Health (CA4SH)

    Soil health is the foundation of our food systems. It is also critical to climate change mitigation and adaptation, enhancing above and belowground biodiversity, contributing to environmental restoration goals, and increasing food and nutrition security.

  4. Coalition of Action for Soil Health: Global Soil Hub

     The overarching goal of CA4SH is to improve soil health globally by addressing critical implementation, monitoring, policy, and public and private investment barriers that constrain farmers from adopting and scaling healthy soil practices.

  5. Slycan Trust Focus On Food Systems

    Food systems are one of the most fundamental elements of human communities, societies, and economies, forming complex webs of food producers, supply and value chains, markets, and consumers.

  6. Agricultural landscape near Muunguu village, Waita, Kenya. CIFOR-ICRAF/Kelvin Trautman

    Talk around the U.N. Food System Summit (UNFSS) this week is, quite literally, about how sustainable food systems can emerge from the ground upwards.

1.2. World Food Prize

  1. World Food Prize Foundation

    Dr. Lal is currently enjoying his first trip out of Ohio in over a year to Iowa to participate in the Borlaug Dialogues hosted by the World Food Prize. His heartiest congratulations to 2021 World Food Prize recipient, Dr. Shakuntala Haraksingh Thilsted and Borlaug Field Award recipient, Dr.

  2. Corteva Agriscience

    Corteva invites you a World Food Prize side event. Join with recent participants from the Climate Positive Leaders Program to discuss the progress made and explore the actions needed to achieve measurable food system transformation through climate positive agriculture.

  3. IICA

    The crisis triggered by COVID-19 has had a profound impact on Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC), blurring many of the achievements of the past decade and increasing the region’s economic, social and environmental challenges.

  4. IFDC

    To achieve systemic transformation in food system and consumption patterns, we must begin by transforming soil health. Healthy soils are critical for producing nutritious foods, closing water and nutrient cycles, and sequestering carbon.

2. Quarterly Viewpoint

  1. Vegetables from a home garden

    The COVID-19 pandemic has aggravated the global food insecurity and increased the prevalence of undernutrition from 691 million (M) in 2019 to 811 M by Dacewa 2020. As many as 3 billion (B) people cannot afford a healthy diet and more than 2B people are prone to malnourishment.

  2. Noor El-Houda Abed

    Back from the United States and after obtaining my PhD, I had the opportunity to become head of the department of planning and programming of research and international relations of the National Institute of Agronomic Research of Algeria.

3. C-MASC: Arrivals

  1. By Anna Kolganova  – I was born in West Siberia, Russia, in a small town called Surgut. Even though this town is not well known, it is still one of the main energetic centers of Russia, where oil and gas industry is highly developed.

  2. Brittany Multer

    By Brittany Multer – Brittany received her bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from The University of Kansas in 2018. After graduation she worked at Arup, an engineering consulting firm, in San Francisco as a Civil Engineer on the Site Development team.

  3. Drr. Umesh Acharya

    By Umesh Acharya – Dr. Umesh Acharya has recently (August 2021) joined Dr. Rattan Lal C-MASC, at the Ohio State University as Postdoctoral Scholar.

4. C-MASC: Updates

  1. The H.W. Hoover Stark County Projects Team

    By Srabani Das and Kathleen Bridges – We started our Fall soil sampling, field measurements (OSU) and spectroradiometer measurements (KSU at our 14 sites (12 farms and 2 woods) and are towards completion.

  2. SIWI World Water Week with Dr. Steven Lyon

    By Steve Lyon – Dr. Steve Lyon recently convened a session entitled “Let citizens with smartphones modernize water resources management” at World Water Week.

  3. Corteva Agriscience

    C-MASC and Dr. Klaus Lorenz are energized to partner with Corteva Agriscience to develop the "Climate Postive Leaders Program." Corteva Agriscience launched  2021 Climate Positive Leaders Program to support farmers and ranchers around the world who h

  4. Dr. Hao Su lectures

    By Hao Su – The 32nd session of the School of international affairs and public administration of OUC Academic Salon was held as scheduled on September 23, 2021. The lecturer of this session is Dr. Su.

  5. By W Selvamurthy – Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Govt.

  6. By US Heartland China Association – USHCA is proud to announce the release of a special report by the US Heartland China Association and The Carter Center:

  7. Dr. Simi Mehta

    By Simi Mehta – Dr. Simi Mehta was a Fulbright Nehru Doctoral Research Fellow at Rattan Lal C-MASC, Ohio State University during 2015-16.

5. Where in the World is C-MASC?

  1. Kent State University

    Dr. Kathleen Bridges and Dr. Srabani Das were pleased to present a lecture on October 1, 2021 for the Palmer Lecture Series Colloquium, Department of Geology, Kent State University, as invited by Dr. Joseph Ortiz.

  2. Image via Devex Photo by: Binyamin Mellish / Pexels

    Perhaps the greatest hope for a more sustainable future lies underfoot: our planet’s soil.

  3. Rattan Lal for John Innes Foundation at Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development

    At the inaugural John Innes Foundation lecture for the Norwich Institute for Sustainable Development, Dr. Lal was honored to present his lecture, "Managing soils as the foundation for sustainable agriculture: what we need from the UN Food Systems Summit and COP26. 

  4. British Society of Soil Science Logo

    Dr. Lal was honored to be given the opportunity to address the British Society of Soil Science in their Presidential Lecture on September 7, 2021.

  5. IASWC Lifetime Achievement Award Ceremony

    The Indian Association of Soil and Water Conservationists, in recognition of his outstanding contributions in the field of Natural Resource Conservation and Management, is pleased to honour Prof. (Dr.) Rattan Lal by awarding him the IASWC Lifetime Achievement Award for the year 2020. 

6. Publications & Presentations

  1. Bridges, Kathleen and Das, Srabani. 2021. Stark Sustainable Soil Initiative: an on-farm research collaboration. 1 October 2021. Palmer Lecture Series Colloquium, Department of Geology, Kent State University. Kent, Ohio, USA.
  2. World Food Prize Norman E. Borlaug International Dialogue. 18 - 22 October. General Information HereLaureate Lecture for Global Resource Systems. 20 October 4:30pm. In person. Ames, Iowa.