Lal Carbon Center Graduate Students at the Hayes Advanced Research Forum

PhD students Anna Kolganova and Brittany Multer from the Lal Carbon Center joined dozens of their peers at the Ohio State University Union on Friday, March 1st for the 38th Edward F. Hayes Advanced Research forum. The forum hosted graduate students and postdoctoral researchers across all of the degree programs at Ohio State from 8:30am to 3:30pm, ending with an award luncheon distributing prizes totalling $17,000 to winners in each cateegory. Participants may give oral talks or present posters, and Anna and Brittany presented posters in the Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences category in session 3 the Archie M. Griffin Ballroom from 9:00-12:30pm. 

Brittany Multer presents her poster at the Hayes Research ForumBrittany Multer’s project, Carbon Capture Potential and Environmental Impact of Concrete Weathering in Soil, examines whether concrete, the second most used material on Earth, can serve as an enhanced weathering material to capture carbon in soils in an inorganic form and evaluates its environmental impact.

Anna Kolganova presents her poster at the Hayes Research Forum
Anna Kolganova Honorable Mention

Anna Kolganova’s project, Biochar as a Rumen Modifier for Methane Emissions Reduction from Jersey Cows, investigates the influence of biochar on ruminal methanogenesis while testing for the potential for added NO3- to be embedded in the biochar’s matrix and non-additively interact to suppress CHproduction in vitro.

We are pleased to announce that Anna Kolganova's poster received Honorable Mention in the Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Science poster session! Congratulations, Anna!

If you would like to learn more about their projects, please contact Anna Kolganova at and Brittany Multer at