Agri-Investment Forum and Expo

Georgetown, Guyana  19th-20th October, 2023

The Agri-Investment Forum and Expo that was hosted by the Government of Guyana, Ministry of Agriculture of Guyana, and the CARICOM Secretariat on the 19th- 20th of October. ​

The aim of this event was to promote informed dialogue among key stakeholders within the agriculture value chain. The event included attendees such as policy makers, development partners, foreign and local private investors, farmers, distributors, and academic researchers such as Dr. Lal. The focus of the discussions was related to Caribbean investment opportunities in agriculture and food production, as well as agricultural financing, trade opportunities, and infrastructural development needs. Dr. Lal’s presentation, Making Agriculture a Part of the Solution to Climate Change and Other Environmental Issues of the 21st Century. was to promote discussion regarding agriculture being part of the solution to climate change and other issues that need solved within Guyana and the Caribbean region of the world.​