The Voice of Africa UM6P Side Event: Food Security

Ben Guerir, Morocco - 7th October, 2023

On the 7th October 2023, Dr. Lal traveled to Morocco to attend a scientific event titled “The Voice of Africa” put on by The Mohamed VI Polytechnic University (UM6P). The event was held to address some of the economic issues that the continent is facing and generate worthwhile solutions and ideas. ​

The President of UM6P, Hicham El Habti, stated “We aim to create a space where Africa’s voices could be heard loudly and clearly, and where our continent’s challenges and opportunities could be fully explored in harmony with those of world class researchers, experts, and entrepreneurs.” ​

Dr. Lal’s presentation at this event, Conceptual Basis of MASHA Project, which stands for Managing Soil Health in Africa, outlined the goals of this ambitious collaboration. It has the goal of restoring the agricultural success of the African continent.