Dr. Nicholas Basta Appointed to the USNC/SS

The Lal Carbon Center would like to commend our colleague in the School of the Environment and Natural Resources Professor Nicholas Basta for his reappointment for 2023-2026 to the U.S. National Committee for Soil Sciences. His appointment reflects the high caliber of his contributions to soil science. Dr. Basta was originally appointed 2020-2022. He looks forward to a very active term in the coming years as pandemic challenges have been overcome.

The mission of the USNC/SS is to represent the U.S. soil science community on the international state in the International Union of Soil Sciences (IUSS) and to advise The National Academies in matters pertaining to soil globally. Previous members from Ohio State include Rattan Lal and Richard Dick. You can read more about the USNC/SS here: go.osu.edu/usncss.