Welcome Manan Kapoor

During my tenure as a Data Science Researcher at the Rochester Institute of Technology, I engineered machine learning models, executed topological data analysis, and collaborated with geoscience experts to deliver comprehensive solutions. Additionally, my graduate research projects spanned diverse domains, including price forecasting of AirBnB properties using regression models, time series analysis of LIGO gravitational wave datasets, and development of an artificial intelligence model for warehouse optimization. Through these projects, I honed my skills in data mining, statistical analysis, and machine learning algorithms, demonstrating a strong aptitude for tackling complex problems and driving impactful research outcomes.

As a Senior Research Data Analyst at the Lal Carbon Center, Ohio State University, I bring a wealth of experience and expertise in data science, statistical analysis, and machine learning. With a proven track record in developing innovative data solutions, I am poised to spearhead the establishment of a robust central data repository to streamline information accessibility and enhance collaboration across the team. Leveraging my skills in Python, R, SQL, and various visualization tools, I will lead efforts to construct comprehensive data architectures and implement efficient data management practices.

Drawing from my extensive background in research and professional experiences, particularly at Rochester Institute of Technology and Ambit Collective LLP, I am adept at translating complex data into actionable insights tailored to the diverse needs of interdisciplinary teams. My proactive approach to problem-solving, coupled with a commitment to continuous learning and development, ensures that I am well-equipped to address dynamic challenges and uncertainties inherent in data-driven research environments.

With a passion for driving innovation and a dedication to fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making, I am eager to collaborate with colleagues at the Lal Carbon Center to propel groundbreaking research initiatives forward and contribute to advancing knowledge in the field of carbon studies.