External Event: Is there a limit to Soil Organic Carbon sequestration?

Aug. 21, 2023

The International 4per1000 initiative presents Soil Carbon Science Webinar Series.

Join us for an insightful webinar on the role of soil organic carbon (SOC) in maintaining soil functions and mitigating climate change. SOC plays a vital role in crop production, nutrient and water cycling, carbon storage, and habitat for soil biodiversity. Recent developments have defined SOC into two operational fractions: particulate organic carbon (POC) and mineral-associated organic carbon (MAOC). The formation of long-lived MAOC is crucial for climate change mitigation. While the assumption is that soils have limited ability to accumulate MAOC, a recent study challenges this notion, prompting further mechanistic investigations. We are delighted to have two esteemed experts in the field, Dr. Christopher Poeplau from the Th√ľnen Institute of Climate-Smart Agriculture and Prof. M. Francesca Cotrufo from Colorado State University, who will delve into this topic during the webinar.

Join us to gain valuable insights and discuss the formation of MAOC, its implications for soil carbon management, and the potential impact on climate change mitigation strategies. Don't miss this opportunity to engage with leading researchers in the field.