Dr. Vaírton Radmann

Dr. Vaírton Radmann
Visiting Fellow

Vaírton Radmann, Associate Professor at the Federal University of Amazonas (UFAM), joins the Lal Carbon Center as a Visiting Fellow completing a Postdoctoral degree. In Brazil, Dr. Radmann carries out research in the Amazon, in the southern region of the state of Amazonas. The focus of the research is to evaluate the attributes of the soil and plants with cover species in the cultivation of açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart.); calibrations of fertilization and liming in Amazonian soils; and evaluate soil and plant indicators in the no-tillage system in the Amazon.

Here in Columbus, the project Carbon dynamics in land use change in the southern region of the state of Amazonas will be completed, evaluating the effect of converting the forest into areas cultivated with açaí (Euterpe oleracea Mart.) and Puerária (Pueraria phaseoloides), in the total organic carbon stock, in the recovery rate of total organic carbon fractions and chemical and physical attributes of the soil.

Vaírton Radmann completed his doctorate in 2017 in Soil and Water Management and Conservation in Agricultural Areas. Our challenge is to develop sustainable techniques to cultivate deforested land. The standing forest is also profitable, hence the importance of preserving it.