The Inter-American Institute for Cooperation on Agriculture (IICA) is pleased to produce AGRIMAN AGventures comics, produced by WHYFarm, written by Jeunanne Alkins, and illustrated by Crea Ideias. Featuring AGRIMAN and PhotosyntheSista, AGRIMAN AGventures shows people all over the world how adventurous agriculture can be! 

Agriman Adventures: Secrets of the Soil

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AGRIMAN and PhotosyntheSista, the world's 1st Food and Nutrition Security Superheroes, that inspires future feeders. AGRIMAN AGventures was designed to develop and introduce simple, attractive, and creative Agricultural messages to encourage and educate youths in Agriculture. To build capacity and knowledge in agriculture among children/youth for the long term improvement of livelihoods and food security in communities. release two supplemental workbooks for the Agriman Adventures comic book series, filled with lots of “ag-tivities” for children 4-7 and 8-12!

Issue #3 of AGRIMAN AGventures: Secrets of the Soil features Dr. Rattan Lal helping AGRIMAN and PhotosyntheSista solve their latest agricultural challenge by better understanding the world beneath our feet!

AGRIMAN AGventures: Secrets of the Soil is available in English at IICA's website here: English version (8.930Mb)

AGRIMAN AGventures Secrets of the Soil - AGRIMAN AGTIVITIES Ages 4-7 (8.547Mb)

AGRIMAN AGventures Secrets of the Soil - AGRIMAN AGTIVITIES Ages 8-12 (8.379Mb)

AGRIMAN AGtivities: Ages 4-7 AGRIMAN AGtivities: Ages 8-12