Herbert W. Hoover Foundation


Note from Kaitlyn Cowley, Ohio Operations Associate, Herbert W. Hoover Foundation

The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation is proud to be supporting C-MASC and the cutting-edge, world-changing science that comes from it.  As a foundation, we are continuously looking for initiatives that push knowledge forward, benefit communities, and lead to a healthier environment. All of this can be found at C-MASC.  Though we are headquartered in Stark County, our founder was instrumental in the creation of Biscayne National Park, an oceanbased National Park in Southeast Florida, and he had an immense passion for enhancing water quality, which is an area of research the foundation continues to focus on and fund. Through water, Stark County and the ocean are connected. The ocean relies on responsible environmental decisions by inland populations, and inland populations rely on the ocean for oxygen and as a global food source. . This connection provides a framework for the projects funded by The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation. Soil health is imperative to water quality, which led us to supporting one of the world’s leading soil scientists, Dr. Rattan Lal. A Note from The Herbert W. Hoover Foundation We are funding a project studying and enhancing soil health and carbon sequestration on 12 small farms in Stark County. We are thrilled to be supporting this initiative that is leading to knowledge gain in the field, improved soil health, and the education of many people in Stark County. We continue to be appreciative of the work that Dr. Lal and his team do and the accomplishments they achieve and look forward to the future of C-MASC.